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We're on a mission to give you control of your identity and access to your world.

The Problem

We’re motivated by a shared belief that usability shouldn’t suffer for the sake of security.

As internet users, we’ve become fatigued by the constant fear that our data and digital identity will be compromised. Unfortunately, that threat has grown in recent years. So many of the physical things we use to identify ourselves are being replaced by digital versions, piling more credentials on top of the accounts we’re already struggling to keep secure.

When we’ve been hacked the advice is always the same: reset your password, turn on two-factor authentication. That solution is complicated and, more importantly, it costs us time. Simply put, we resist change when it requires us to compromise convenience.

Our Story Problem

A New Vision

We’re fixing the approach to consumer security on a personal level to give you control of your identity.

The internet has become inextricable to so many facets of daily life. Although many people fight to ensure we all have free access to the internet, access isn’t enough. The internet should also be safe. When our digital identities are at risk, it limits how comfortable we feel connecting more of our lives to the internet.

Before this uncertainty becomes the status quo, we’re fixing the approach to consumer security and identity. Securing the databases, servers, and networks that host our digital lives is critical but arguably, protecting the end-points (us!) is just as, if not more, important. A new vision for authentication was needed, and so in 2015 we formed Token and started working on the solution.

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Our Solution

Token is the key to your life. One sleek ring to access everything — digital and physical — so you can live keyless, cardless and free of passwords.

Streamline your life and never get locked out again. Token becomes the one key you need to access and protect your personal assets and credentials. Just by wearing the ring and using two simple hand gestures, you can unlock your home, start your car, ride the train, make a payment and much more.

There’s no safer way to access and secure your identity. To protect against threats, Token’s seamless next-generation technology gives you continuous, unmatched security that works across all your points of entry. You’re the only person your Token responds to, so no one can hack it. It’s the last access hub you’ll ever need.

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Meet the Family.

A team of creative engineers, technologists, and visionaries who believe in a more secure future.

Our Story
  • Alex Reid
    Alex Reid

    Firmware Engineer

  • Bob Bradacs
    Bob Bradacs

    Software Engineer

  • Bradley Conn
    Bradley Conn

    Firmware Engineer

  • Chester Taylor
    Chester Taylor

    Software Engineer

  • Eric Mogil
    Eric Mogil


  • Evan Krueger
    Evan Krueger

    Software Engineer

  • Jacob Kennedy
    Jacob Kennedy

    Electrical Engineer

  • Jennifer Bell
    Jennifer Bell

    Director of Operations

  • John Dvorak
    John Dvorak

    Software Engineer

  • Josaphat Valdivia
    Josaphat Valdivia

    Firmware Engineer

  • Lucas Jodon
    Lucas Jodon

    Firmware Engineer

  • Melanie Shapiro
    Melanie Shapiro


  • Nika Shclover
    Nika Shclover

    Executive Assistant

  • Richard Lourette
    Richard Lourette

    VP of Engineering

  • Steve Shapiro
    Steve Shapiro


  • Steven Dunkel
    Steven Dunkel

    Community Manager

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Join our team.

We value three things on our team: creativity, curiosity, and being a good human. If you are interested in joining our team in New York or Rochester, we'd love to hear from you.

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Our Investors

  • Australian Government
  • Blockchange
  • Bloomberg Beta
  • Empire State Development
  • Future/Perfect
  • Highline Ventures
  • Neo
  • Red Swan Ventures
  • RIT Venture Creation
  • RRE Ventures

Thought Leadership

Read Token’s blog posts — written by our teammates.

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